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wmbcv-1158 - Chrissy Marie

There is one thing I have learned since working with Miss Marie. It is very difficult to tie her in anything but really tight bondage. Mainly because if you don't, it is obvious that she is so flexible, that she will be able to get out. Normally when I work with someone for the first time, I take it easy and don't tie anything to extreme. That was not the case when I worked with Chrissy last, and it wasn't the situation this time either.

Whatever my ideas going in, once the ropes start getting wound around that sexy body, it all just gets stringent. I'm sure this doesn't upset any of you folks out there. It started with her elbows welded together and ended with a crotchrope that wound through her wrists, between her ankles and the up to her shoulders, pulling in her into a insanely challenging hogtie. 

She squirmed and moaned (because, she may be capable, but it doesn't mean it is easy - it really isn't), and tried her best to struggle free. Of course that was impossible, but that is the whole point. It is a rare thing to find a girl that can not only handle, but thrive in really nasty positions.... but this girl is one of those girls. Just sit back and enjoy... and marvel at her abilities... they are quite rare indeed.

Photo Set: wmbc20171229
wmbcv-1158 - Chrissy Marie

Friday June 4
wmbcv-1168 - Christina Carter

Christina Carter really is just a bundle of joy. Well, she certainly is when she is wrapped up so sexily in shiny latex, sheer black nylons and lovely tight white rope keeping it all wonderfully helpless. Christina is certainly a sexual being. We all know that. You don't have to have been around here all that long to figure that out, but when she is tied up, she does love to struggle and come... who was I to refuse this request? Exactly. Just sit back and enjoy...

Photo Set: wmbc20180302
wmbcv-1168 - Christina Carter

Saturday June 5
wmbcv-1169 - Chrissy Marie

Folks that have seen the various other bondage sets that I've shot with Miss Marie will know that she normally ends up in ridiculously difficult and very stringent positions. This is because she is one of those rare, very flexible girls that really likes to push herself. So the end result has generally been for her to end up in some seriously tight and crazy positions. I had done a couple of them before we shot this set. I figured that she had been put through the wringer enough for one day (those sets didn't just look hard, they were really hard), and that I would do something sexy with her hands tied in front of her.

She was honestly pessimistic that a position like this would be that challenging and that she might even be able to wriggle her way out of it. After I tied her up, she quickly found out she was completely incorrect. She may not have been tied in a reverse prayer hogtie, but she was utterly helpless. This sort of made her smile. She does like a challenge and she has come to appreciate good bondage that lets her struggle and squirm. I'm sure you will all appreciate it too... because she is adorable. Enjoy!

Photo Set: wmbc20180309
wmbcv-1169 - Chrissy Marie

Sunday June 6
wmbcv-1170 - Ashley Lane - Pt1

Ashley comes to a house on the pretense of meeting someone, only to be left alone in a room. She wanders around and then innocently touches a rock sitting on a table. As soon as her fingers touch the rock, she suddenly finds herself dressed in a really crazy fetish outfit. She lets go of the rock, and immediately comes back to her normal self. She is frightened, but she is also intrigued. She touches the rock again and again finds herself momentarily in the other world. She sits down and then touches the rock a third time, but this time leaving her hand on it. She explores herself in this new and interesting space. Laying down and masturbating. Suddenly without warning, she finds herself tied up.

She lets go of the rock and ends up back where she started. She can't help herself. She puts her hand on the rock again and ends up exploring her helplessness. This is more a visual allegory into Ashley's mind. I figured it fit her personality and like everything else, she had a blast doing it. Enjoy!

Photo Set: wmbc20180316
wmbcv-1170 - Ashley Lane - Pt1

Monday June 7
Tuesday June 8
wmbcv-1171 - Interview with Ashley Lane

A sexy interview with the very kinky Ashley Lane where she explains her love of bondage and what makes her tick… 
wmbcv-1171 - Interview with Ashley Lane

Wednesday June 9
wmbcv-1172 - Kendra James as Nylonika

Kendra is back and has been nice enough to dress up in her rather wonderful Nylonika costume. I guess that just means she really wants to get tied up. That isn't a problem. A nice bondage of black rope with her hands lashed helplessly at her sides will do very nicely. A sexy black leather panel ball gag makes sure her moans are effectively muffled. After giving her enough time to figure out she can't get free, Jim enters and brings her to a number of helpless orgasms. Then he ties her knees up to her chest for a few more orgasms before finally tying her feet into a hogtie, effectively tying her in a ball she really can't move in much. More orgasms follow. Sexy stuff.

Photo Set: wmbc20180323
wmbcv-1172 - Kendra James as Nylonika

Thursday June 10
wmbcv-1173 - Emily Addison

Emily was the first girl to get strapped to the "slab" (although because of how the Obsession story was released, she wasn't the first to be released), but she was certainly not the first on the doggy cart. Because of one thing or another, she just never got her "turn". I figured the last time she was out that I would change that - but I really wanted to allow her to stay on awhile, so I decided to tie her quite easily. She isn't able to get out, but it's really simple bondage.

Okay, that isn't exactly true. Anyone that has tried to tie a vibrator to someone, will understand that this is actually one of those hardest things to do correctly. I mean, I'm sure there are folks out there that have released videos of girls writhing around, and you would think they are having a seriously crazy time, but this isn't necessarily true. It is really, really hard to do this properly. It is actually something that I have become really quite good at. To give you an idea, I've had more than one girl look at me after I turned the vibrator on, and give me that, "Holy shit, this thing really is in the right place and I can't move it" look.

The good news for Emily was that this was in the right place and she was able to ride it for all she was worth. Her reaction? Well, basically that she wanted to do it again, but with something inserted... the mind boggles... enjoy folks!

Photo Set: wmbc2018330
wmbcv-1173 - Emily Addison

Friday June 11
wmbcv-1175 - Ashley Lane - Fetish Rock - Pt 2

Having touched a rock in the living room, Ashley had been transported into a fetish version of herself (clip wmbcv-1170). First just in a crazy, sexual outfit, but then into bondage. She was frightened at first, but something inside her yearned for what the rock had shown her. She pushed herself more and more until she took her hand off the rock and remained her fetish self. Jim arrived and explained that the rock didn't actually change her, it only brought out the person that she was. Ashley's only thought was how she was going to return to her former self. Jim asked if she really wanted to return. She did not. So her journey into helplessness continued.

Photo Set: wmbc20180413
wmbcv-1175 - Ashley Lane - Fetish Rock - Pt 2

Saturday June 12
wmbcv-1176 - Zoey Knoxxx

The lovely Zoey makes her first Cafe appearance and it is as sexy as hell. Dressed in a tight black leather skirt, sheer top, leather gloves, and sheer nylons, She struggles her way through the first part of the video. Jim enters and adds a ball gag and then shows her what the true power of bondage is - a whole load of helpless pleasure. Zoey is more than ready for that. Great orgasmic bondage at its best.

Photo Set: wmbc20180420
wmbcv-1176 - Zoey Knoxxx

Sunday June 13
wmbcv-0345 - Reconnection: Ch 1

Coming 06/13/2021

Christina Carter introduces Randy Moore to the very kinky world of bondage in the first episode of the "Reconnection" story. Christina has Randy put on a sexy latex outfit and pantyhose and then cuffs her hands together before she knows what's happening. She straps her elbows together then pushes her on to the bed to struggle. These gals have a great chemistry and it shows... yummy girl / girl bondage. Photo Sets: wmbc20090403-1 and wmbc20090403-2
wmbcv-0345 - Reconnection: Ch 1

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