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September 2021
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wmbcv-1232 - Chrissy Marie

I don't really know where this sort of concept comes from all the time. Maybe some bondage artwork from a couple of decades ago perhaps, or maybe something similar that I've done in the past? Honestly, probably a combination of all of that. I do know one thing. This isn't your standard, classic bondage tie. I am as big a fan of elbows together, hogtie sorts of things as the next guy, but they don't really require a lot of thought on my part. Not after tying up girls for public consumption for over 21 years.

This however took quite a bit of thinking and execution - and time. I would get a lot more work done, if I didn't venture off into these sorts of things. I would shoot more content over the allotted time, but then again, you wouldn't get to enjoy cool things like these, so I think the trade-off is worth it.

This is a rather ingenious tie. First I had to think where I wanted the pulleys, and then I had to figure out how to best tie them into the bondage. This doesn't seem hard from the outside, but I wanted a way that would look the neatest. Then, once it was all tied and the ropes had been fed through all the pulleys in the right order, I had to do a lot of tweaking in order to make it really work the right way. I wanted to allow her to struggle some, and I wanted the majority of the tie to be all connected, but I also didn't want Miss Marie to be able to wriggle and squirm her way into being able to reach anything, like her gag for instance. Now, this you might think wouldn't be hard, but for your folks out there that like to try these things out at home, will soon realize that it isn't all that easy to accomplish. I will not be giving away any secrets. You'll have to trace all these ropes yourself to try to figure that out. Just know that she was indeed completely helpless - and it was very sexy - mission accomplished, regardless of which way she pulled... yummy, indeed.
Photo Set: wmbc201910127
wmbcv-1232 - Chrissy Marie

Thursday September 2
wmbc20190301 - Chrissy Marie

Here is a really cool set I shot with Chrissy the last time she came out to shoot. I had a wild idea just pop into my head just before the shoot, and set up a frame for Chrissy to be tied within. I shot one other scene later with a load of pulleys, but this one was a little more straight forward. As it turns out, we had to abandon any plans of shooting video - The combination of the very tight corset, and the position, meant that was just not possible, but yet again, I'm not crushed. The concept was cool and Chrissy rocked it. So sexy!
wmbc20190301 - Chrissy Marie

Friday September 3
wmbcv-1233 - Star Nine

Star heats it up, in a sexy struggle bondage video. Dressed in a slinky red dress, and chocolate pantyhose, she is tied in black rope, with her hands at her waist. She squirms and struggles against the ropes, all the while moaning into her ball gag. A nice tight crotch rope makes things interesting. Jim enters and ties her toes into the mix, and pulls her up into a tight hogtie. Sexy stuff.
Photo Set: wmbc201910201
wmbcv-1233 - Star Nine

Saturday September 4
wmbcv-1237 - Chrissy Marie

Sexy nymph Chrissy Marie returns - and this time she has to deal with the always tight, and absolutely inescapable leather Ledermeister single glove. I mark myself lucky to have known him, and been able to have him make me these wonderfully stringent bondage items. I'm sure that someone before John Willie had dreamed up these things, but he is the one that made them famous. This particular design was a direct homage to it. Chrissy is some flexible, that she might have been able to wriggle her way out of it -if it was used on it's own. I'm still not sure that is true. The only person I saw capable of that was Eve Ellis - but just to make sure the unforgiving 2" leather straps made any chance of that impossible.

Photo Set: wmbc20190222
wmbcv-1237 - Chrissy Marie

Sunday September 5
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wmbc20091225c - Emily Addison

Emily shows off her stuff before getting all tied up. If you want to see the bondage photos and video check out wmbcv-1238
wmbc20091225c - Emily Addison

wmbcv-1238 - Emily Addison

This was one of those sets that I didn't really have a particular plan in mind. I just figured I would tie up Emily and something would happen. I do love it when my instincts pay off... Nothing too complicated, although I did decide to give her a single strand crotchrope attached to her hands. Something that would be shown off to great effect later. Love tight rope bondage, a stringent hogtie and lots of set struggling.
Photo Sets: wmbc20091225 and wmbc20091225c (both included in photo set)
wmbcv-1238 - Emily Addison

Wednesday September 8
wmbcv-1240 - Ashley Lane

We were on to our third setup of the day. Ashley had come out for the afternoon to play, boy, she certainly does like bondage, when she asked about the pony-girl outfit that we had shot Star Nine in the year before. She was very interested. I thought, you know, it's always nice to do a set that the model really, really wants to do, so I said, "Well, why don't we have you put in on for size.”

I haven't shot a lot of Pony-girl stuff over the years, but I am the very proud owner of a couple complete, Ledermeister original pony-girl costumes. I'm reticent to use the word costume, because honestly, these things are works of art. Made of multiple patent leather layers and made to exacting perfection, they are very complicated things to put on. But that probably sums up most really cool bondage outfits. It did take a bit of time to straps her in and then adjust it all to fit her, but when we were done, she was honestly beaming. I took a couple of behind the scenes shots to to document what she was feeling. I think grabbed a pair of very high, 6" patent leather, stiletto heels for her to wear and a pair of matching ankle cuffs with shoe locks and chained her in place between a frame we had constructed. Then I zipped her into a Ledermeister singleglove, because it just screamed for it.

One thing about pony girls... they really do need to be standing. The chain attached to her waist, made sure she wouldn't fall in the shoes (something you always have to take in to account), but it really didn't take away any of the strain of those killer heels locked on her feet. See, the thing is - Ashley does love to be tortured - so I just went with it and she endured it. Those noises she makes in the video are not acted. Very real and very sexy.
Photo Set: wmbc20190315
wmbcv-1240 - Ashley Lane

Thursday September 9
wmbcv-1242 - Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane returns and finds herself in another very tight predicament. Dressed in a vintage inspired girdle, top, and fully-fashioned black stockings, she is first tied in a tight ball, before being brought to orgasm. Then her bondage is changed. Jim ties her into a hog tie, before again bringing her to orgasm. Ashley struggles and moans throughout… only as she can. Yummy!
Photo Set: wmbc20190322
wmbcv-1242 - Ashley Lane

Friday September 10
wmbcv-1243 - Ashley Lane

Bondage can be full of contradictions. This set certainly exemplifies that. Ashley pretty much swooned over the opportunity to wear this lovely costume that has come to be known as the "saloon girl" outfit. It's a custom made corset piece with a double set of hook and eye closures in the back. As with most girls, it was a very snug fit, but that only seems to make Ashley gush even more when she took a look at herself in the mirror.

The concept for the actual bondage was quite simple. I had erected a frame so I could have Ashley standing for the scene. One thing I have learned from doing this for a couple of decades is that you must ALWAYS have a safety line tied to someone that you are asking to stand in bondage. Even in stocking feet, but particularly if you are going to have them wear shoes with 6" heels on them. Ashley is not someone that wears these types of shoes all the time, and she knew pretty much immediately that she was going to find this scene very challenging.

That is where the contradictions come in. Yes, she was going to be put in a predicament that she would find very difficult, but at the same time, this is something that she particularly likes. She really likes to be challenged in this way. The scene pretty much went the way expected. I had her just stand and struggle for awhile and she quickly found the shoes very uncomfortable, and the outfit and rope securing her from the ceiling was only there in case she fell, but she tried to use it as a way to take some of the pressure of her feet. That only made the ropes and outfit that much tighter around her chest. A vicious circle. Through-out all of this, Ashley was into it.

I then tied a vibrator to her and let her dance around for a nice long time. She will never explain that she likes to come over and over - especially when she is in a bondage predicament - but at the same time (and here are those nasty contractions rearing their head again), it just turns her on that much more. The end result was a very happy girl lying on the floor in a heap with a big grin on her face... you can figure out what that all means...
Photo Set: wmbc20190329
wmbcv-1243 - Ashley Lane

Saturday September 11
wmbcv-1244 - O-girl vs UltraVixen - Pt 1

O-girl meets up with a reporter, doing a story on O-girl. She agrees to do an interview, but is captured. She awakens to find herself tied, spread-eagle. It turns out that the reporter is actually UltraVixen, who quickly gets down to business, she removes her boots and has O-girl lick her stocking feet, and then straddles her, allowing O-girl to suck on her sweet crotch. Kobe then takes a vibrator and brings O-girl to orgasm. O-girl then convinces her to untie her, so that she can better repay her for her orgasmic kindness. Kobe does and O-girl turns the tables...
wmbcv-1244 - O-girl vs UltraVixen - Pt 1

Sunday September 12
wmbcv-1245 - O-girl vs UltraVixen - Pt 2

Having turned the tables on Ultravixen (Kobe Lee), O-girl puts her in a very sexy spreadeagle web tie with a vibrator tied in for good measure. She then informs her that the vibrator in on a timer and that she will eventually be calling the polics to come and pick her up. How long with that be? Well, certainly hours. By that time, poor UltraVixen will indeed be a sweaty, spent pile of mush... yummy!
wmbcv-1245 - O-girl vs UltraVixen - Pt 2

Monday September 13
wmbcv-1247 - Kobe Lee

After a couple year absence, Kobe is back and sexier then ever. Dressed in a sheer, black bodystocking, high-waisted, latex shorts and insanely-high, 7" heels, Kobes look right in place on her throne of fetishdom. Of course, soon enough, she will be strapped very tightly to it. Something that Kobe has been looking foward to for quite awhile, and then a vibrator will be pulled in between her legs and all that time away will be quickly forgotten as she remembers just how much she loves to come while tied up really tightly... Sounds like a lot of fun for all involved. Especially when her legs are pulled wide with no where to turn... so sexy.
wmbcv-1247 - Kobe Lee

Tuesday September 14
wmbcv-1249 - Carissa Montgomery

Carissa is certainly a sexy girl. Especially when she is tightly tied up in a form fitting, black catsuit. Nipple clamps are applied to focus her mind on her helpless situation, and Jim adds a leather bit gag to make sure she is in the proper mood. A vibrator makes the scene come together. There is nothing like a number of struggling, squirming orgasms to heat things to the proper temperature. Yowsa!
wmbcv-1249 - Carissa Montgomery

Wednesday September 15
wmbcv-1372 - O-girl in the Quicksand Chamber

O-girl finds herself trapped in Lady Felina's quicksand chamber. Standing on a platform that begins to slowly recede, she has no choice but to step down in the viscous ooze. Now trapped up to her ankles, she slowly sinks to her doom. Can she possibly escape the malicious mire? A sexy cleanup in the shower is included with this video.
wmbcv-1372 - O-girl in the Quicksand Chamber

Thursday September 16
wmbcv-1250 - Ashley Lane

Sometimes positions just scream for added attention. In this case, with Ashley’s arms helplessly strapped over head, it just required a little tickling. This is just unfair in so many ways, because Ashley knows what is coming and she can’t do anything about it but plead into her mouth filling gag. So sexy.
wmbcv-1250 - Ashley Lane

Friday September 17
Saturday September 18
Sunday September 19
wmbcv-1252 - Kobe Lee

After shooting for all these many years, I must say that I'm not sure if anyone looks quite as good as Kobe in a tight black leather corset and black pantyhose. I guess that is why she has worn this outfit more than a few times. It's all good. Classic combos just don't get stale when they look quite as delicious as this. That smile on her face is probably the fact that she knows she is about to have a rip roaring helpless time. Something that Kobe has enjoyed her whole life. She does love to be tied up and being allowed (I can't say forced, because honestly, it isn't true), to have orgasms while being helpless is something that makes Kobe very happy inside.

So I thought that taping three vibrators together would only triple the fun. I was, correct. Kobe was worn out, but very pleased, even if she ended up getting tickled a bit too. Not too much. Not a good idea to try that with Kobe, she really, really doesn't like it all that much... but I think, deep down, she probably gets a kick out of just how helpless she is... so it's all a means to an end... enjoy folks!
Photo Set: wmbc20190510
wmbcv-1252 - Kobe Lee

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