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wmbcv-0954 - Dee Williams

Dee Williams (previously named Darling) in one hot Milf and she loves TIGHT bondage. The tighter, more stringent the better. Here her crotchrope is dug into her tender pussy that even her pantyhose can’t protect her. She tries to slide her latex covered legs together but they just stick! Her huge boobs weight down her top half making it hard for her to do much but wiggle. She has a ballgag in her mouth to muffle her noises but it also causes a lot of drool to pool up in Dee’s mouth. You can really see this when Jim comes in and wrenches her into an impossible hogtie! Her elbows are glued together. It is such a glorious sight to behold! She goes to her happy place when he puts a vibrator under her and lets her struggle on it. The drool drips off her chin and she cums - look at that booty bounce! He comes back and makes some adjustments. This time her incorporates her feet into the bondage. How creative! It’s a good thing Dee likes to cum! Photo Set: wmbc20151009
wmbcv-0954 - Dee Williams

Sunday May 12
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wmbc20050205-4: Sasha Monet - Dr. Sasha Takes a Dip

Here is a little story... Sasha came by and I thought, lets do a nice sexy cheesecake set - and you know she would make a nice Doctor... so you know lets put her in the lab. She looked so good in the coat and glasses, but you know, she looked even better when she took it off. All I can say is oh my. When she hooked her hands behind the safety rail and gave me one of those - tie me up looks... it really took a lot of will power not to. I was really trying to keep this as a cheesecake set... really I was...

But then Sasha had to put her foot in the vat... it felt just too good. I explained that the vat could really be quite dangerous, but you know that just didn't work. She slid forward and got all cocky... ooops... slipped. She still didn't believe me that this thing could be dangerous, but then she realized it was a lot deeper than it looked.

I quickly threw her a rope, and she put her hands in the loop... all seemed okay - but the white goo just didn't want to let go... Then well one thing led to another and she found out just what cutting someone a little slack means. Then the worse thing that could happen, happened. The rope broke. Oh poor Sasha... What will she do now?

Don't worry, Sasha was saved... but not before finding out that the vat really was more dangerous than she thought... As an inside note, Sasha really did need to be saved from the vat - for real. See, the thing is that if you get your feet out from under you, you end up in some serious trouble. And I warned her, over and over, because the same thing had happened to Christina when we filmed the O-girl movie (twice actually). But there ya go, you warn and warn, and it just isn't taken seriously... until it is. She got out of balance, struggled and sunk below the surface. I had to jump in and pull her out...
wmbc20050205-4: Sasha Monet - Dr. Sasha Takes a Dip

Tuesday May 14
wmbcv-0460 - Randy Moore

Her arms are tied securely behind her back, her crotchrope is digging ever so nicely into her tender bits and the soft fur rug against her stockings feel divine. Randy could struggle for us all day like this but that wouldn't be any fun would it. Jim returns and arches Randy into one extreme hogtie. Her arms are arched! Her back is arched. Her crotchrope is digging in even tighter! Just to make sure she's truly helpless Jim tickles those tender soles of hers. Yep! - she's STUCK! Photo Set: wmbc20100914
wmbcv-0460 - Randy Moore

Wednesday May 15
Thursday May 16
wmbc20110628: Danielle Trixie - Bubblegum Bop

Pink bubblegum goodness. Blonde bombshell Danielle is back, dressed in a shocking pink catsuit, with lovely, contrasting black ropes. It's just a great look in or out of bondage, but Danielle does struggle her way into our hearts whenever she is helpless... yowsa!
wmbc20110628: Danielle Trixie - Bubblegum Bop

Friday May 17
wmbcv-1059 - Sara Liz

Sara is such a trooper. She is up for just about anything. Even when I ask her to get dolled in a crazy tight catsuit, hood, corset and collar... and then the insanely tight, elbow welded together ropes. A tight crotchrope brings it all home. Very classic bondage that never gets old. This is one of those seriously difficult sets that really screams helpless... Struggle harder. You might get free... or not... Photo Set: wmbc20161108
wmbcv-1059 - Sara Liz

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wmbcv-0964 - Star Nine

What a beautiful display in front of the fire place…. Star struggling in latex and pantyhose. What could be hotter! He comes in and stuffs a panel ballgag in her mouth and leaves her there. She pulls on her hands and discovered that they are attached to her crotch rope so she has to be careful when she struggles - or learn to take advantage of that rope between her legs. She figures out how to ride the rope and her muffles change into mmmpphs. He steps in again and tightens the rope she has loosened and connects it all into a tight hogtie. He even makes sure he’s got her shoes tied tightly into the mix. She is truly helpless and immobile in this hogtie. She can wiggle her hands and feet but that’s about it! He removes her shoes and tickles her feet. There is nothing she can do to stop him. All she can do is laugh and laugh forgetting for a brief moment just how stuck she really is.

Photo Set: wmbc20151106
wmbcv-0964 - Star Nine

Wednesday May 22
Thursday May 23
wmbcv-0482 - Kobe Lee

Kobe is bound in a straitjacket on the sheep skin rug. It's softness is a complete contrast to the tight rope tied around her body. Jim adds a blindfold to heighten her sensations. Little does she know Mr. Hitachi would be making an appearance. She can hear Jim in the background but can't figure out what he's doing until the crotch rope between her legs starts to vibrate. She struggles to find just the 'right place' so Jim comes in to help. He certainly finds the 'right' place over and over and over again. She can't escape the pleasure! He bends her over and watches her cum again and again, her moans muffled by her panel gag. Roll her over and more cumming. I don't know if Kobe has cum this many times in a row ever! He unmasks her so she gets to see the predicament she's gotten herself in. There's also some tickling in here too :) After asking so nicely to not be "left like this" Jim ties Kobe into another position and gives her yet another orgasm. Kobe's mind begins to melt with sensory overload! There are many position changes in this clip so make sure you watch it to the very end! Photo Set: wmbc20101210
wmbcv-0482 - Kobe Lee

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