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Sunday March 28
Monday March 1
wmbcv-1296 - O-girl: The Return of the Black Minx - Ch5-7 - Lust-a-matic

Having escaped Lady Felina’s quicksand trap, O-girl (Christina Carter) makes her way to the Lust Factory, Capital City’s swankiest fetishwear shop. Devon Lust (Sasha Monet) sees O-girl enter the store and calls Lady Felina. Devon decides rather than wait for Lady Felina, she will take care of O-girl herself. She enters the store and waits on O-girl. After showing her a singleglove, Devon tells O-girl she has something in the back that she just HAS to see. O-girl follows Devon lust into the next room to see a large contraption. Devon explains it's her Lust-a-Matic 3000 and straps her on to the machine with the help of Lady Felina’s kittens (Dee Williams and Jewel Evans). She explains that as the machine charges, it will not only give O-girl a wild orgasmic ride, but will eventually overload her nervous system! Devon leaves O-girl to her orgasmic doom. Can O-girl possibly escape?!!
wmbcv-1296 - O-girl: The Return of the Black Minx - Ch5-7 - Lust-a-matic

Tuesday March 2
wmbcv-1061 - Arielle Lane

One of the coolest parts of my job is working with girls that really love to be tied up. Yeah, I know that sounds like someone making up a story. I mean these girls are models and they are just doing it for a job. Well, that can be true, but you would be surprised just how many of the girls that have worked for me really enjoy what they are doing. Actually, it makes sense. It is rare for someone to go through the arduous task of struggling in tight ropes and staying at that job for any sort of period of time. If you aren't into it, you'll find another type of modeling that is easier.
More likely (as I've come to find), the ones that stick around actually enjoy it on one level or another. Arielle, enjoys it on all of them... and it shows. She can't really hide the smile that creeps into some of these shots. She is a girl that was into this as a fantasy before she started modeling and well... that shows too. She was pretty much giddy all day long. And that makes my job a pleasure any day of the week... :) Photo Set: wmbc20161115
wmbcv-1061 - Arielle Lane

Wednesday March 3
Thursday March 4
wmbcv-1062 - Emily Addison

Emily Addison returns for another awesome evening of bondage fun. Dressed in a tight black latex dress and soft brown nylons, Emily lounges on her couch, patiently awaiting the ropes to which she wishes to submit. And her wait is not long. Soon enough she finds herself bound in tight white ropes. She struggles to get free, but it is impossible. Her crafty fingers can't find a knot and the coils around her are too tight to wiggle out of. A gag comes next. a large red ball covered with a soft layer of black leather, all strapped tightly behind her head. There is no escape - except into the passionate gush of a waiting orgasm... or two... or three... or four... Photo Set: wmbc20161118
wmbcv-1062 - Emily Addison

Friday March 5
Saturday March 6
wmbcv-1344 - The Adv. of O-girl - Hothouse Horror

New Edit 2-1-2021 - Originally shot in 720 x 540 - upscaled to 1280 x 720 with black letter box on the outside.

O-girl (Christina Carter) follows clues to the Gotham Hothouse. Lady Felina (Diana Knight), dressed in a very different costume, comes out of the shadows and confronts O-girl. Unfortunately for O-girl, this has all been planned, and before she realizes it, the ivy behind her comes alive and grabs her, pulling her back on to the table. She struggles, but she can't get away, and the vines tighten, pinning her to the table. Lady Felina and her evil cohort Angora (Dee Williams) join her and explain that she is ensnared in Hedera Isolitus, a nasty constricting ivy that she has bred just for O-girl. I also will be begin to secrete an acid that will slowly turn O-girl's body to mush. Can O-girl possibly escape, or will she be slowly digested as the ivy tightens?!! Photo Set: wmbc20120325 plus 64 Behind The Scene photos
wmbcv-1344 - The Adv. of O-girl - Hothouse Horror

Sunday March 7
Monday March 8
wmbcv-1078 - Karlie Montana

Coming 03/08/2021

Nothing quite like a very nice pair of fully-fashioned, seamed stockings. Soft, sheer to the touch, with just the right amount of reinforcement at the top and the foot to make them something to drool over. Of course with stockings, you need something to keep them up, and Karlie has that covered with her very tight latex girdle with six sturdy suspenders and metal clips. Her shoes are very strappy and very, very high. Over six inches for those keeping score. The black latex gloves are long and incredibly tight - but not as tight as the black rope that completes this scene. With her wrist ropes connected directly to her crotchrope, there really is no escape. The only left to do is sit back and watch her try, then maybe after a good amount of time... a little... interaction… and a whole load of helpless orgasms! Photo Set: wmbc20170117
wmbcv-1078 - Karlie Montana

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