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wmbc20110107 - Cali Logan

Cali gets the full Jim Weathers experience in this fresh set. She's dressed in transparent latex and then hogtied. Her elbows are tightly bound together behind her back. The crotch rope between her legs in ever so snug as she struggles on the bed.
wmbc20110107 - Cali Logan

Thursday January 6
Friday January 7
wmbc20110107c - Cali Logan

Meet Ms Cali Logan, Jim Weathers style!
wmbc20110107c - Cali Logan

Saturday January 8
wmbc20180525c - MaryJane

Mary Jane has some of the BEST legs in the business. Come see for yourself!
wmbc20180525c - MaryJane


Mary Jane has some of the best legs in the industry. They just go on and on and on for days! Her cute little red toes peak through her high heel stiletto's as she struggles against the leather straps binding her. Her elbows are welded behind her in a leather single sleeve. All she can do is wiggle her toes when Jim straps her neck to her knees - almost like a ball tie except he leave those gorgeous legs to move about. There are lots of close-ups of her high arches in this clip as well as toe wiggling.
Photo Sets: wmbc20180525 (127 bondage pics) wmbc20180525c (64 cheesecake pics)

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wmbcv-0549 - Kendra James & Randy Moore

Randy has a a new toy (Kendra James) and her new toy has no idea what is going to happen to her. Licking, sucking, tickling, struggling - Kendra experiences the full spectrum. She's blindfolded you see and can't tell where or what Randy will do next and that's just how Randy wants it. Randy takes her shoes off and glides them over Kendra's body until they finally reach her mouth. Kendra does such a good job on her feet that Randy rewards her with kisses. She teases her pussy before gagging her. No worries Kendra, your pussy will get what it wants - and what Randy wants!
Photo Set: wmbc20110805
wmbcv-0549 - Kendra James & Randy Moore

Saturday January 15
wmbcv-1343 - Jewell Marceau

Jewell Marceau starts off in a strict kneeling position, with her gloves elbows welded together behind her back. She is held in place with a rope attached to an electric winch. Things just get more difficult from there, as nipple clamps are added and then pulled upwards. Finally, she is lowered to the ground where she lets everyone know that she thinks she should have a nice orgasm for enduring such difficult bondage. Now who are we to say no to that?
Photo Set: wmbc20210115
wmbcv-1343 - Jewell Marceau

Sunday January 16
wmbcv-1346 - Kendra James

I know there is one thing about me that I've come to understand. I really, really want to do things perfectly. That, of course, is a completely unobtainable thing - but striving for perfection can be a good goal. Bondage to me has always come rather easily. Nothing else in life is like that, but for whatever reason, I found the art of tying just something I could do. There are aspects that are always difficult however. One of those is tying a vibrator between a girl's legs. On first glance, this wouldn't sound all that difficult, but for anyone that has actually tried it, they will tell you it isn't at all easy. Besides getting the pressure right (which is important), and finding the right placement (also important), the main problem is that it is REALLY hard to get that perfect pressure and placement to stay... well... perfect. When girls really come over and over, they tend to struggle pretty hard. That leads to things shifting - especially when that thing is the "thing" that the girl who has just come, wants desperately to get away from.

Invariably, the vibrator will seem to be in the right spot and all will be fine, and then suddenly, it isn't. The head has slid backwards, or forwards, or sideways... and it is all screwed up, because once its moved, well... you really have to start all over again. This is the scenario that happens ALL THE TIME.

What doesn't happen all the time, is that I create the "PERFECT" vibrator tie. And I really mean perfect. I did it with Kendra. The vibrator was tied in exactly the right spot, with the right pressure - and amazingly enough, was COMPLETELY stuck in place. How did I tie this? Well, I would love to say that I know exactly, but that would be lying. I pretty much know - but that isn't the same as knowing. I guess I'm just going to have to keep working on it till it is perfect. Because this involves tying up a bunch of girls and striving to make them come helplessly over and over, that isn't such a bad thing, right?

In the case of this scene, even Kendra was amazed at just how inescapable "perfect" this vibrator tie was. She was quite beside herself actually. Even more so when I tied another vibrator touching the first. It left Kendra shaking and squirming. Just the way we like her.
Photo Set: wmbc20210319
wmbcv-1346 - Kendra James

Monday January 17
wmbcv-1347 - Chrissy Marie

Here is the first of three very tight hogties that Chrissy endured for a custom we shot a few weeks ago. Each one of these ties was incredibly stringent. In this scene, Chrissy's hair is included in the mix. Seriously tight and completely helpless, Chrissy can really only hope at some sort of relief, but when she can't barely move, escape is completely impossible.
wmbcv-1347 - Chrissy Marie

Tuesday January 18
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wmbcv-1348 - Chrissy Marie

As I mentioned in an early update (video #1347), this is part of a three part hogtie custom that we made with Chrissy a few months ago. All three scenes were crazy hard. All I can really say is that Chrissy is certainly one of a kind. There have been very few girls I have worked with over the years, that could even contemplate doing this sort of stringent bondage. My many thanks to Chrissy for dealing with it all. I'm afraid that we didn't shoot photos. That would have made it too difficult.
wmbcv-1348 - Chrissy Marie

Friday January 21
wmbcv-1349 - Kendra James

So with Covid having hit us all so hard - shooting has been really rather difficult - and when the model is Kendra and she lives on the other side of the country, it isn't surprising that we haven't seen each other for a year. Well folks, something is definitely different. After being a redhead for as long as I've known her, it was quite a shock to see her blonde. Not that I haven't seen pictures. She sent me one the day she started the process, but in person, and under the strobes, well, it was different. It might take a bit to get used to, but her personality is exactly the same, and she struggles the same, and comes just as hard - so... has anything really changed that matters? In this case, she brought with her a rather sexy latex playsuit and I thought we had to use it.

Pretty conventional bondage - but it is quite inescapable, the crotch rope was super tight (well, actually the outfit was super tight and the crotchrope just helped it up between her legs - but the effect was the same), and once she was hogtied with the vibrator on her, the fireworks really started. Enjoy the struggles, folks!
Photo Set: wmbc20210219
wmbcv-1349 - Kendra James

Saturday January 22
Sunday January 23
wmbcv-1351 - Christina Carter

Chains are unforgiving. There is no give. Basically the tightness that is created by locking a specific link in place, is how tight it is going to be. Ropes are very different animals. They stretch. They stretch after they are applied. Not so here, as Christina quickly finds out. Dressed in a skin-tight, purple catsuit, she struggles and squirms, but to no avail. She even gets tickled a bit, which Christina does not approve of. Too bad that gag in her mouth is so securely tied in place. Yumminess all around.
Photo Set: wmbc20210409
wmbcv-1351 - Christina Carter

Monday January 24
wmbcv-1352 - Sara Liz

Sara Liz finds that bondage can be really, really challenging. Dressed in a tight purple corset, dark nylons and sling-back, stilettos - with even tighter straps. She really does her best to struggle, but she can honestly barely move. The very effective (honestly so) microfoam tape gag muffles her screams as Jim tickles her. Just a great set for those that love long legs and honestly squirming. Sexy stuff indeed.
wmbcv-1352 - Sara Liz

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