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December 2023
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wmbcv-1448 - Arielle Lane

There are times when I'm tying something and I am not sure it is going to work. Now by this, I mean that I'm weaving these ropes around body parts, and I want it to a) look great; and b) be effective. Now, maybe not in that order, but those two things have to come together. This particularly comes into play when I'm doing a vibrator scene. Those pesky things are really VERY difficult to tie so that they stay put. Especially because the gal in question, is probably going to be thrashing around a lot, and isn't particularly interested in how good my bondage looks/works. I was tying this particular tie, and I was working on the legs, and I thought it would be cool if I could do a heel to heel tie, that morphed into a whole bunch of other ropes to the legs, and what ended up was something I really wasn't sure was going to look good. Thankfully, it came out great, and in the middle of doing it, I had a very neat idea - I thought, if I tie a knot in this particular rope, it will create a look that I can shove the head of the vibrator through, and maybe, just maybe, if she is sitting down, I can tie it in place where it would sort of stay put.

You see, tying a vibrator in place with the legs together is a lot easier than trying to tie one with the legs apart. It just loves to flip around and slide out from the very specific area I want that head of the vibrator to be in contact with. Anyway, I really didn't know if this idea I had was going to work or not. Probably not. There was a knot in her crotchrope, and that seemed to mean that if the vibrator head was tied down below it, it would push the knot up into just the right place. So I took some pictures of her in that awesome (and very tight) pink corset, glove and white nylons, and then of the bondage, and then when the time came for me to insert the vibrator into the mix during the video - I didn't really have much hope. Firstly, it turned out that I could barely get the head of the thing through the loop I had created. Then when it just was able to pop through, and I noticed that the hitachi seemed to be in exactly the right place, I was encouraged. I tied the other end down to her feet to hopefully keep it sort of in place, and I was encouraged more. Maybe if she was sitting, this would work. Of course, once she started moving, I didn't think it would stay put...

That was until she started moving and moving a lot, and the vibrator didn't move at all. I really had to back myself on the back... it didn't just work... it rocked the planet - and Arielle. She was quickly quite beside herself, and it just continued... so hot. For those that love helpless orgasms, and the honest struggling that they create... I think you might enjoy this one quite a bit :)

Photo Set: wmbc20230804
wmbcv-1448 - Arielle Lane

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wmbc20040731-1 - Karina

The mood of this set comes from the clothes and they came from Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles. A great store if you happen to be in the neighborhood or a cool website if you aren't... :) A lot of people write me and ask me where I get my clothes - honestly they come from all over the place - but these stockings come from www.touchable.co.uk in England... :) The gag is really huge. It was made by Ledermeister for Cory and I when I worked at Shortfuse. It has one of the biggest balls I own... Karina loves the Ledermeister stuff, but I'm not sure that extends to this ballgag.

Chains are really cool and they work a lot differently than rope does. They aren't particularly good for sex because they don't give and that translates into an unhappy person in bondage (not to mention the other person as well). Still, they look great and that is all that matters when you're after the art of it. When it comes to playtime, I think I'll stick to rope... :)

Tight purple straps... hmmm... what can I say. I guess it's just part of me. Is there anything sexier? I do love fully fashioned nylons - they just look so damn cool... especially without the shoes on. Yes, I know this is one of those debates that will start world war III, but hey, it's just an opinion... :)
wmbc20040731-1 - Karina

Tuesday December 5
wmbc20180220 - Laurie Wallace

So what to do on a rainy day? The thought crossed Laurie's mind and the decision was a little self bondage fun. You can imagine that she did this with you there, or with you gone... each has interesting possibilities. The only requirement? That she does a nice... tight... job. First things first. A nice tight crotch rope to give her something to rub against as well as lay foundation for the bondage to come. Then comes the ankles... Again, nice and tight so she can't pull free. I personally think she is having a bit too much fun with this... ;)

Then of course the knees. With that through, Laurie started moving her hands over her body and squirming this way and that.... Now this is my idea of a chocolate covered treat :) Then comes the all important part - and Laurie did it right; As the last cuff slowly clicked around her remaining free wrist, there was no turning back. The crotch rope made sure of that. Of course if she had the keys to the cuffs, there would be a way out, but unfortunately, she doesn't... ;) Laurie certainly did enjoy herself, as you can see from the pictures... and well, watching her struggle is certainly a spectator sport that I can fully support!

As with most sports - you eventually get to the pros... and in Laurie's case, that meant some nice mouth packing, some sticky black tape and a little more rope to make sure that she was indeed completely helpless. Her mood changed as it should have... The extra added incentive gave her the ability to really go to town. It's always fun when all I have to do is sit there and take pictures... you go girl... :)
wmbc20180220 - Laurie Wallace

Wednesday December 6
wmbcv-1460 - Natalie Minx

Natalie Minx is back and finds herself in the dungeon, encased in a stretchy, yet inescapable black PVC straitjacket and very tight brown rope. Just sexy bondage of a very sexy girl. No chance at escape, and the multilayered tape gag isn't going to come off - taped against her face, so it ain't moving anywhere. Yowsa!
wmbcv-1460 - Natalie Minx

Thursday December 7
wmbcv-1449 - Randy Moore

Randy Moore returns for some seriously, and I mean, seriously helpless orgasms. Dressed in just a sheer, black bodystocking, Randy struggles and moans her way through countless orgasms. Great, clean bondage, awesome squirming, and just sexiness through-out. Yowza.

Photo Set: wmbc20230818
wmbcv-1449 - Randy Moore

Friday December 8
wmbc20121009c - Danielle Trixie

"Some like it hot....... some like it hot" sand the lady in Red
wmbc20121009c - Danielle Trixie

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