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Series / Pool Party
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Scenes From Pool Party
wmbcv-1304 - Pool Party - Ch2 (revised)
Amber Michaels , Sasha Monet
68 Photos, 12 min of video
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(2020 Revised wmbcv-0788) Having won the pool game, Sasha takes control of Amber and ties her in a very tight and complex strait jacket rope tie. She enjoys watching her squirm and drool in front of her. She then takes out her gag and has her suck and lick her stocking feet. Deciding that she is enjoying that far too much, she comes down and tickles Amber relentlessly until she is barely able to catch her breath. She then leaves to get Amber's next ordeal ready.
Photo Set: wmbc20031129-2

wmbcv-1303 - Pool Party - Ch1 (revised)
Amber Michaels , Sasha Monet
49 Photos, 9 min of video
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(2020 Revised wmbcv-0787) Sasha Monet and Amber Michaels decide to play a game of pool to determine who will get to tie and domme the other. Amber looks like she is going to win, but she scratches on the eight ball, which means she will soon be helpless at the deviant hands of Amber.
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wmbcv-1269 - Pool Party Ch 8
Sasha Monet
57 Photos, 25 min of video
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(2022 Revised wmbcv-0794) Sasha is at the mercy of Amber in chapter 8 of the Pool Party story. Dressed in a very sexy open-breast latex corselette and fully fashioned stockings, Sasha struggles for Amber, who take no pity when she removes Sasha's nipple clamps. She then orders Sasha to struggle for her and then to worship her six-inch stiletto heels and then her stocking feet. Once she is satisfied, Amber pulls out the vibrator and brings a very squirmy Sasha to orgasm. Yummy.
Photo Set: wmbc18482e - wmbc18518e and wmbc20190906