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Series / O-girl & Nylonika: Obsession
Scenes From O-girl & Nylonika: Obsession
We last left Apparel Obsession girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) when she was just about to be crushed by a spike wall (wmbcv-0758). O-girl (Christina Carter) and Nylonika (Kendra James) arrived just in time to save her, but unfortunately they fall victim to Lady Lovelace's (Diana Knight) tangle wire and are caught! Kelly manages to escape with her life. Afraid the police will arrive before O-girl and Nylonika perish in the tangle wire, Lady Lovelace decides to transport them to a safe location. They soon find themselves tied and trapped up to their knees in a giant vat of white powder. Lady Lovelace flips a switch on the vat which begins to vibrate the white powdery sand. O-girl and Nylonika instantly feel the nerves in their legs come alive. The strange sand! Lady Lovelace explains that the white powder is her latest creation called Shiver-sand. It stimulates the nerve endings when it moves. She then releases the ropes holding O-girl and Nylonika to the ceiling and the pair slowly sink into the vibrating sand. As soon as their crotches hit the sand, the effect is instantaneous. The girl writhe and squirm and are quickly brought to orgasm in the vibrating sand. The vat then shuts off, which causes the sand to congeal around their bodies like cement. Lady Lovelace explains that the machine will cycle between inescapable packed sand and a slushy quicksand like substance that after a number of cycles will completely overwhelm their nervous systems. Can our helpless heroines survive?

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Evil Coed Holly (Randy Moore) has removed poor Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) from the diabolical deny-her table and encased her arms in a stretchy, yet quite inescapable pvc singleglove. Kelly struggles and complains that it's too tight, but Holly simply tells her that if she keeps complaining, she'll just put her back on the table for another couple of hours. This improves Kelly's attitude immediately. Holly offers Kelly her stiletto heeled sandal and Kelly obediently begins to lick it. Holly removes her shoe and Kelly kisses and sucks her nylon covered foot. Holly then pulls out a vibrator and brings her helpless pet to orgasm. She then explains to Kelly that tomorrow she is going to play "bait" and that she should enjoy herself while she still can. She gags her and straps up her legs before finally masturbating as Kelly struggles beside her.
Photo Set: wmbc20130222

Back at the Manor House, beautiful coed Holly (Randy Moore), following Lady Lovelace's orders, is taking good care of captive Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison), an Apparel Obsessia girl. Tightly tied and helpless, Kelly can do nothing as Holly has her way with her, teasing and then finally bringing her to multiple orgasms. After, she informs Kelly that she should enjoy herself while she still can, because once Lady Lovelace and Lauren return from taking care of O-girl (Christina Carter) and Nylonika (Kendra James), she is being moved "downstairs". A fate that even Kelly can understand. Meanwhile O-girl and Nylonika continue to slowly perish in Lady Lovelace's ever tightening tangle knot bondage. Can they possibly escape and save poor miss Munroe?
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(continued from wmbcv-0607) Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) is lounging in her boudoir, intently watching Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) helplessly strapped to her fiendish deny-her table. She plays with herself as she watches the helpless Apparel Obsessia (AO) girl struggle and squirm, unable to achieve orgasm. The phone rings and it's Lauren saying that AO heiress Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) is here to talk with her. Lady Lovelace instructs her to send her up and also to leave Kelly on the table, but to turn off the deny-her computer so that she is forced to come over and over. Chastity enters in a rage. She explains to Lady Lovelace's astonishment that O-girl and Nylonika escaped the tangle knot bondage. She then takes things a little too far and Lady Lovelace reacts by threatening Chastity with a similar fate as Kelly down in the dungeon. Lady Lovelace relaxes and brings Chastity into her arms and they watch "her favorite tv show"... Kelly Munroe coming over and over and over again in a mix of pain and pleasure that has to be seen to be believed.

Jim's note: Emily Addison's orgasmic blitz at the end of the video this is one of the most honest and quite incredible bondage orgasm scenes I've ever shot. Something you will never see Emily do again. It is just one of those right time, right place sort of moments. (Continues in wmbcv-0700)

World renown Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) being held captive at the manor, is taken downstairs to the dungeons, for an audience with Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight). Helplessly bound by evil coed Holly (Randy Moore), Kelly can do nothing as Lady Lovelace plays with her, bringing her close to orgasm, before deciding that she has come enough. Lady Lovelace orders Holly to take Kelly next door, and strap her to the Deny-Her table. A diabolically fiendish machine, that slowly tightens, as it continually brings Kelly to the brink of orgasm, without letting her come. Kelly, now strapped tightly to the machine is powerless as she is teased to ultimate frustration over and over and over. So diabolical!
Re-edited: 07-10-21
Photo Set: wmbc20120316-1 (59 pics) and wmbc20120316-2 (113 pics) 172 pics

(continued from wmbcv-0536) Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) is held up at home per O-girl's orders. In her boredom, Kelly decides to cuff herself and masturbate with a vibrator. It's all good until Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) and curvaceous coed Holly (Randy Moore) break in and strap her up. Lady Lovelace takes a liking to Kelly and decides instead of getting rid of her right away, to bring her back to the school for some play time. O-girl and Nylonika arrive just in time to foil their plan, but are caught by Lauren (Darling) and Nina (Anastasia Pierce) who sneak up behind them and with tight leather straps. While Nina and Holly take Kelly back to the school, Lady Lovelace and Lauren tie our superheroines in tangle knot bondage - a fiendish rope technique that tightens the more they struggle. Unfortunate for them indeed, because Lady Lovelace inserted powerful remote vibrators in them that are guaranteed to keep them at the edge of orgasm, but never over.  Lady Lovelace and Lauren then leave O-girl and Nylonika to perish, unable to come, but also more importantly unable to stay still… Continued in clip wmbcv-0555 Photo Sets: wmbc20110617-3, wmbc20110617-4

(continued from wmbcv-0493) With only seconds left to spare, O-girl (Christina Carter) figures a way out of the quicksand and pulls herself and Nylonika (Kendra James) free. The duo go back to the O-lab and shower, slowly stripping each others muddy clothing off before bringing each other to orgasm under the rushing water. Continued in wmbcv-0537. Photo Set: wmbc20210331

(continued from wmbcv-0450)Leaving O-girl (Christina Carter) to slowly lose her breath in sheer-tex stockings, Lauren (Darling) goes to studio A to wait for Nylonika (Kendra James) with Lady Lovelace. Nylonika arrives at the studio and follows the sounds of drums to a set decorated in a tiki style, with bamboo on the walls and a fine sand floor. She walks out into the set just as Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) and Lauren walk up. Before the evil duo can spring their trap, O-girl arrives and joins Nylonika. Lady Lovelace and Lauren get over their shock and spring their trap on both girls. O-girl and Nylonika can't react in time, they find themselves sinking into the sandy ground. Lady Lovelace and Lauren explain that the entire set is filled with StruggleSand, an inescapable synthetic quicksand devised by Lauren in her geochemistry class. Lady Lovelace and Lauren laugh, leaving O-girl and Nylonika to slowly drown in the molten earth. Continued in wmbcv-0536.
Photo Set: wmbc20110617-1

(continued from wmbcv-0439) After an hour of struggling in Lady Lovelace's fiendish sensi-suit, Nylonika's nerve endings are completely raw and every movement is now agony. She still struggles valiantly, but there is no hope - just in the nick of time, O-girl (Christina Carter) arrives to save her. Now informed that Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) is behind the Apparel Obsessia (AO) girl's demise, O-girl and Nylonika (Kendra James) split up. Nylonika heads over to AO, while O-girl heads to a stocking factory to follow up on the strange stocking she analyzed in the O-lab. Chastity (Danielle Trixie) calls Lady Lovelace to inform her that Nylonika is still alive and is about to recover the deleted shoot logs that show the last movements of the and missing models. Lady Lovelace calms her down and tells Chastity to make sure that Nylonika finds the shoot logs and the address of the abandoned studio "A" that Allison Quivers visited before she disappeared. Lady Lovelace heads to studio A to await Nylonika's arrival. Nylonika calls O-girl to tell her what's she's learned about Alison Quivers and warns O-girl that the shoot logs she discovered show that Debra Walsh's last shoot was at the stocking factory O-girl is about to enter. O-girl enters and is ambushed by Lauren (Darling aka Dee Williams), one of Lady Lovelace's girls. Lauren throws a large mesh bag over O-girl and it immediately begins to shrink. Within seconds O-girl is trapped in the quickly tightening bag. She is informed that the bag is made of mesh, a diabolical invention of Lady Lovelace's that tightens the more she struggles. As O-girl struggles in the mesh, Lauren calls Lady Lovelace at studio A to tell her she has caught O-girl and asks for advice. Lady Lovelace tells her to tie her in sheer-tex stockings - the same fiendish nylons that had Debra Walsh. Lauren happily follows out her instructions and informs O-girl that she is tied in sheer-tex stockings that slowly shrink when they come in contact with a struggling human body. She bids O-girl farewell and tells her that she is heading over to studio A to help Lady Lovelace take care of Nylonika. Can O-girl escape the deadly stockings and save Nylonika?!!! Continues in wmbcv-0493. Photo Sets: wmbc20100806-1, wmbc20100806-2, wmbc20100806-3, wmbc20100806-4

(continued from wmbcv-0431) Nylonika (Kendra James) awakes from the effects of the spasma-oil to find herself tightly tied. She is wearing a shiny red catsuit that covers her entire body, including her hands and feet. It turns out that it is actually a Sensi-suit; A fiendish garment that Lady Lovelace has devised that is designed to excite the nerve endings of whomever is unlucky enough to be encased in it. And here's the rub; the longer Nylonika wears the suit, the more and more her nerves become excited, until the sensations turn from pleasurable to torturous and finally deadly. Lady Felina makes sure that she is in the proper mood, bringing her to orgasm with a vibrator before tying a tight crotchrope in place, then she leaves Nylonika to slowly perish. With the ropes in place and no hope of escape, can she possibly survive??? Continued in wmbcv-0450. Photo Set: wmbc20100629

(continued from wmbcv-0410) Having narrowly saved Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe from a diabolical shrinking corset, Nylonika (Kendra James) (now disguised as Beverly Downs) takes Kelly's place at a foot fetish shoot with renowned photographer Elizabeth Lange. As it turns out, Nylonika's suspicions about Kelly's photoshoot were warranted. Lady Lovelace has taken Elizabeth's place and poisoned the nylons that Nylonika and AO girl Veronica Hayworth are wearing with her fiendish spama-oil, which quickly takes effect, slowly paralyzing Nylonika and Veronica (Kobe Lee). Can they survive? Photo Set: wmbc20100527 Continues in clip wmbcv-0439.

(continued from wmbcv-0409) Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe (Emily Addison) is lounging at home when she receives a mysterious package from Apparel Obsessia addressed to her roommate, fellow AO girl Linda Graham. Linda is out of town and Kelly just can't resist opening the package. Inside she finds a gorgeous pink and white striped leather corset with matching collar, pantyhose and shoes - along with a pair of black leather wrist, elbow and ankle cuffs. A note explains that the outfit is for Linda to wear at her upcoming Apparel Obsessia ball in a few weeks. Kelly decides that Linda wouldn't mind and tries on the outfit, only to find that the corset locks closed around her and then slowly shrinks. The cuffs suddenly magnetizes, locking her elbows, wrists and ankles together. She tries to scream, but a leather bit gag slides out from her collar and locks closed in her mouth. Unable to scream or remove the corset, she struggles against the restraints, trying desperately to escape, but it is impossible - the corset just continues to tighten around her. Then just when all seems lost, Nylonika (Kendra James) arrives and cuts the corset off of her just in the nick of time. Nylonika learns that Kelly has received a strange request for a foot fetish shoot and decides to go in her place, while O-girl (Christina Carter) takes a sample of the stocking used to Debra Walsh back to the O-lab for further investigation. Continued in clip wmbcv-0431. Photo Set: wmbc20100216-2

(continued from clip wmcbv-0399) Caroline Charmers, aka O-girl, (Christina Carter), and Marie Chersan, aka Nylonika (Kendra James), are relaxing at home, looking forward to their upcoming boat trip. Both dressed in sexy vintage girdles and fully fashioned stockings, they begin to play with each other and just before Caroline can bring Marie to orgasm, a call comes in on the O-phone from Capital City police headquarters. O-girl is informed of the passing of Apparel Obsessia girl Debra Walsh, who was found exfixiated with a bunch of stockings. She is also informed that another AO girl Allison Quivers has gone missing. Obviously something is amiss and Caroline and Marie change, making their startling transformation into O-girl and Nylonika! They are on the case! Continued in clip wmbcv-0410. Photo Set: wmbc20100216-0 and wmbc20100216-1

(continued from clip wmbcv-394) A now very tightly bound Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) is brought before Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight) by coed Lauren (Darling aka Dee Williams) to explain why she was caught breaking into the college. Chastity is defiant at first, but after telling her that she could just put her back in the self tangling net, her tone changes and she pleads to be heard. She explains that her step-father left a huge sum of money to O-girl, Nylonika and the Apparel Obsessia girls, and that if Lady Lovelace would help eliminate them, she would share the fortune with her. Lady Lovelace agrees to the bargain and begins planning her reign of terror. Continued in clip wmbcv-0409. Photo Set: wmbc20091229

(continued from clip wmbcv-0393) Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) decides to enlist the aid of arch villainess Lady Amanda Lovelace in her plans to get rid of O-girl, Nylonika and the AO girls. She sneaks into Lady Lovelace's hideout, a criminal college for girls fittingly called: The Lovelace College for Girls, only to fall victim to a group of those girls, played fetchingly by Anastasia Pierce, Mary Jane, Darling and Randy Moore. They trap her in a fiendish tightening net that threatens to slowly take her breath away if she doesn't explain why she was "sneaking in a window". She explains her plan and is allowed to see Lady Lovelace, but not before she is suitably tied up first. Continued in clip wmbcv-0399. Photo Set: wmbc2001127

"Obsession" opens at the offices of "Apparel Obsessia", where Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) meets with her late stepfather's attorney Samuel Grincot (Rifferus) to learn the contents of his last will and testament. At first Chastity is in a great mood, teasing Mr. Grincot by stroking her soft stocking legs and feet, but then becomes enraged when she finds out her "dear step-daddy”, left a large chunk of his fetishwear empire to O-girl, Nylonika and a bevy of beautiful models dubbed "AO (Apparel Obsessia) Girls". In a last furious outburst, Chastity vows to block the outcome of the will by whatever means possible! Continued in clip wmbcv-0394. Photo Set: wmbc20091127