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Series / O-girl & Nylonika: Razor Sharp Bait
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Studio: Jim Weathers Productions
Following clues, Nylonika arrives at the dungeons below Chasm Manor only to find that Lady Felina has lured her there on purpose....
Scenes From O-girl & Nylonika: Razor Sharp Bait
Following clues, Nylonika (Kendra James) arrives at the dungeons below Chaltham Manor only to find that Lady Felina (Diana Knight) has lured her there on purpose. Before Nylonika can react, Lady Felina throws her brand new tangle shrivtex at her. The thin wire coils around her body and no amount of struggling can remove the slowly tangling and tightening fibers. Lady Felina explains to Nylonika that it is her new “ tangle” shriv-tex and that it is deadly at a distance. She leaves Nylonika to her peril as she sets up her new machine. Will Nylonika be able to escape her awaited fate? Photo Set: wmbc20120203-1

wmbcv-0595 - Adv. of O-girl & Nylonika - Razor Sharp Bait - Pt 2
Kendra James
132 Photos, 14 min of video
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Having survived Lady Felina's dastardly shriv-tex fibers, Nylonika (Kendra James) finds herself strapped down under a razor sharp pendulum. Lady Felina (Diana Knight) calls O-girl (Christina Carter) in her car to inform her of Nylonika's impending doom and recommends that she join them at Cheltenham Manor if she doesn't want to find her partner with a split personality. As O-girl speeds off, Lady Felina throws a switch and the pendulum slowly starts to lower. Can O-girl possibly reach Nylonika in time?!!! Photo Set: wmbc20120203-2

O-girl (Christina Carter) arrives just in time to save Nylonika (Kendra James) from the razor-sharp pendulum, but Lady Felina (Diana Knight) is waiting in the wings. She tosses loops of Shriv-tex fibers at O-girl which tangle and tighten around her body. Lady Felina then ties O-girl and Nylonika to her "Orgasm-a-rator" which is designed to kill them with pleasure. O-girl and Nylonika struggle and come as the vibrators get stronger and stronger. Can they possibly survive the orgasmic onslaught? Photo Set: wmbc20120525-2