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Series / O-girl: Trapped In Time
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Studio: Jim Weathers Productions
O-girl (Andrea Neal) matches wits with the evil Hypnotika (Nicole Sheridan) who plans to rule the world with the Fetish of Sultar - a rare artifact that she uses to put people under her spell. Supported by the equally evil Trance (Karina), Hypnotika soon has O-girl right where she wants her - struggling for her very survival. Cleo Nicole rounds out the cast.
Scenes From O-girl: Trapped In Time
wmbcv-1319 - Adv. of O-girl - Trapped in Time - Ch 7 to 9
Andrea Neal , Cleo Nicole
90 Photos, 19 min of video
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(cont'd from wmbcv-1318) The conclusion of the remastered Adventures of O-girl, Trapped in Time, finds O-girl (Andrea Neal) trapped in the glass chamber filling with sand. Hypnotika (Nicole Sheridan) pays O-girl a visit and taunts her and then leaves her to her fate. Trance (Karina) is left alone with the still overpowered Sarah Masterson (Cleo Nicole) and things get hot and heavy as she brings her captive pet to orgasm. She doesn't expect the kiss however. Trance climbs up on the couch and is mesmerized by O-girl's predicament, and is oblivious to the fact that the kiss has brought Sarah around. She doesn't notice as Sarah picks up a vase and smashes it over her head. O-girl is now up to her neck, but Sarah enters and saves her in the nick of time. Photo Set: wmbc20200705 *Photos and Video Remastered in 2020*

wmbcv-1318 - Adv. of O-girl - Trapped in Time - Ch 5 & 6
Andrea Neal , Cleo Nicole
120 Photos, 15 min of video
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(cont'd from wmbcv-1317) Thinking they have disposed of O-girl (Andrea Neal) back at the warehouse, Hypnotika (Nicole Sheridan) and Trance (Karina) play with their captive pet Sarah Masterson (Cleo Nicole) at their lair. O-girl arrives and after Hypnotika discovers she can't use the fetish on her, she secret commands Sarah (who is under her control) to smash a vase over O-girl's head. O-girl is only momentarily dazed, but it is enough time for Hypnotika's henchgirls to grab her. Hypnotika explains that because O-girl is somehow immune from her fetish, that she will have to take care of her with a more tangible device and the girls drag O-girl to the clock room. Now chained, O-girl is gagged and then attached to a platform. Hypnotika throws a switch, and a large glass box descends from the ceiling and traps O-girl inside. Hypnotika throw the switch again and a stream of very fine, black sand begins to pour into box. Hypnotika explains that she is going to slowly bury her in sand and leaves O-girl to struggle as the sand slowly fills the box. Photo Sets: wmbc20200625 and wmbc20200628 (cont'd in clip wmbcv-1319) *Photos and Video Remastered in 2020*

wmbcv-1317 - Adv. of O-girl - Trapped in Time - Ch 3 & 4
Andrea Neal , Cleo Nicole
63 Photos, 12 min of video
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(cont'd from wmbcv-1316) The O-girl Trapped in Time story continues. Having secured the Fetish of Sultar, Hypnotika (Nicole Sheridan) lures O-girl (Andrea Neal) to a warehouse, where she promptly uses the incantation she learned from her captive archeologist to put O-girl under a spell. As her wicked henchgirl Trance (Karina) looks on, Hypnotika explains that although O-girl can hear her voice, she can't move a muscle and will be unable to refuse any of her orders. She instructs O-girl to lay down on the ground with her hands behind her back. O-girl is soon struggling on the ground. Trance is amazed that O-girl believes she is tied up, and Hypnotika reveals O-girl's secret ordeal to her. She has tied her with her fiendish strap bondage. Trance asks if she really will be crushed even though it is all in her mind, and Hypnotika explains that indeed the power of the mind is all encompassing. The two villainess vixens leave O-girl to her slowly tightening fate. Photo set: wmbc20200529 (cont'd in wmbcv-1318) *Photos and Video Remastered in 2020*

wmbcv-1316 - Adv. of O-girl - Trapped in Time - Ch 1 & 2
Andrea Neal , Cleo Nicole
50 Photos, 8 min of video
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O-girl (Andrea Neal) matches wits with the evil Hypnotika (Nicole Sheridan) who plans to rule the world with the Fetish of Sultar - a rare artifact that she uses to put people under her spell. In chapter 1, Hypnotika enlists the aid of a very unwilling Sarah Masterson (Cleo Nicole), and with the help of her evil henchgirl Trance (Karina), she makes off with her. O-girl is soon on the case, and believes that she can sniff out the culprits.

NOTE: I went back and recaptured original DV tapes. I had to. I realized after I had done a test import, that this O-girl movie (the first O-girl movie ever) really deserved the attention. Once I looked at the quality of the new edit, I knew I just had to put in the crazy effort to re-edit and remaster the entire story. Photo Set: wmbc20200525 (cont'd in clip wmbcv-1317) *Photos and Video Remastered in 2020*