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Series / Batgirl: Helping Hands
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Studio: Jim Weathers Productions
Barbara comes home to find out that the Gotham Herald has just named Batgirl the "Sexiest woman in Gotham City". Catwoman isn't pleased with the news....
Scenes From Batgirl: Helping Hands
Having been captured by Catwoman and her fiendish helping hands in part 1 (Video wmbcv-0961), Batgirl is tied up and made to dance on top of a hot coal plate. After dancing to near exhaustion, Batgirl is brought to orgasm by Catwoman.

Catwoman (Diana Knight) relaxes in her lair with her trusted henchman Manx (Anders), basking in the glory of her latest caper: The theft of a collection of Pierre Chaton vintage fetish high heels.

Batgirl is on her tail (something that Catwoman has expected and planned for). Soon she arrives at the lair and is confronted by Catwoman. Batgirl swiftly dispatches her with a high kick sending her into her throne. As she stands over Catwoman she is grabbed from behind, Manx!! He throws her against a slightly inclined black latex wall. As soon as Batgirl hits it, six hands shoot out! The hands grab Batgirl's ankles, hands, neck and crotch. Batgirl struggles to escape, but finds she is helplessly trapped. Catwoman explains that she is in the clutches of her very own ‘handy work’. She calls it her “Helping Hands” - a device she created just for Batgirl.

As Batgirl struggles, Catwoman slinks over and slices Batgirl’s catsuit at the belly and peels it away, revealing Batgirl’s black shimmering pantyhose legs. Yes, she likes that MUCH better. Catwoman and Manx watch as the Helping Hands begin caressing Batgirl. Once properly stimulated, Catwoman adds a vibrator to bring Batgirl to completion. She struggles and moans in the unyielding grasp of the Helping Hands as she begins to orgasm. Catwoman informs Batgirl that she wants to watch her dance! What does she mean by that? Batgirl struggles wondering just what is in store for her next... continues in clip wmbcv-1192