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Series / Perils of Batgirl II
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Scenes From Perils of Batgirl II
Batgirl (Angela Sommers), Erin (Randy Moore) and Mittens (Arielle Lane) find themselves tied in a deadly Siamese Human Knot. Catwoman (Candle) explains that any movement will only cause the knot to tighten, slowly strangling them all. She and Minx (Dee Williams) leave the helpless trio to slowly perish in the knot.

With all hope lost, Batgirl remembers the way out of the knot. If they girls can have simultaneous orgasms, then it will free them. The girls manage the task and escape.

Batgirl and Randy tie Mittens in a singleglove and straps, and surprise Catwoman and Minx upon their return. The evil duo, along with Mittens are put into singlegloves, and Batgirl and Erin leave for more interesting activities, when the helpless trio await the arrival of the police.

In Episode 5 of “The Perils of Batgirl II”:  Batgirl (Angela Sommers), and Erin James (Randy Moore) are up to their crotches in the rising sand of Catwoman’s hourglass. They struggle and strain to escape. But the grains of sand slowly filling the chamber until they are left up to their necks in sand. Catwoman looks on in glee from her throne, and then just as the helpless duo are to be extinguished, the sand suddenly stops flowing.

Catwoman makes a call to her kittens, and Mittens (Arielle Lane) explains that they hopper is empty and that they ran out of Shiver Litter to fill it. Enraged, Catwoman visits the nearly buried pair, and opens a door on the side of the box. The sand piles out, leaving Batgirl and her companion up to their knees. Catwoman, then releases a gas, which quickly incapacitates the heroic duo.

They awaken to find themselves tied in a human knot with Mittens. Catwoman explains to Mittens that this trap required three bodies, and that Mittens had proven herself expendable. Batgirl realizes that the knot is tightening as they struggle to escape, and Catwoman informs her that they are tied in a Siamese Human Knot, a deadly trap that will slowly constrict whenever they move… Can Batgirl and her helpless cohorts possibly survive?

In Episode 4 of “The Perils of Batgirl II”: Batgirl (Angela Sommers), having been captured at Catwoman’s lair, is tied in tight rope bondage. Catwoman has her kittens (Dee Williams and Arielle Lane), take off her boots (because she is going to add them to her collection of famous footwear), and then proceeds to suck on Batgirl’s stocking feet. Then she has her kittens roll her over, and she brings Batgirl to orgasm with a vibrator. She then removes Batgirl’s gag, kisses her, and laments that she must get rid of her. She asks her kittens where they put the shapely Erin James, and they reply that they put her in “the Box”. Catwoman likes that idea, and decides that Batgirl should join her.

The kittens lift the still bound and struggling Batgirl and carrying her out.

In the box room, the kittens have a now unbound Batgirl in their grasp. Catwoman tells the kittens to put Batgirl in the box, and she opens the door and they shove Batgirl inside, joining Erin. The kittens leave and Catwoman throws a switch and sand begins to pour in from above. Holy Hourglass! Catwoman explains that they will be slowly buried alive and that she will be watching them on her video monitor.

Once they are knee deep and unable to pull their feet from the sand, Catwoman adjusts the flow to allow them longer to savor their predicament, then watches as the sand slowly reaches crotch level. Then she leaves them to suffer their fate…

Episode 3 of “The Perils of Batgirl II” opens where Episode 2 left off: With Batgirl (Angela Sommers), helplessly tied in Catwoman’s (Candle) deadly Cat’s Cradle bondage, where every movement causes the interconnected web of ropes to tighten. Candle and her kittens (Dee Williams and Arielle Lane) leave Batgirl to slowly strangle. Batgirl does her best not to give into the powerful vibrator between her legs, but eventually, she comes hard, and Catwoman’s words come to fruition, as the bondage begins to tighten mercilessly, and Batgirl enters a “self perpetuating, orgasmic death spiral”. Just as all seems lost, Erin (Randy Moore) arrives to save Batgirl in the very nick of time.  It turns out the kittens tied her in the bondage safety supplies closet with the scissors! Batgirl and Erin discovery the “Agony Stilettos” are gone, but Erin tells Batgirl that the insurance company had required them to put a GPS tracker in them, and that “They” can track them to Catwoman’s hideout. Batgirl explains that Catwoman is far too dangerous, and that she has to let Batgirl handle this on her own. Erin reluctantly agrees and hands over the tracker. However, once Batgirl is gone, Erin pulls out another tracker and goes after her. Back at Catwoman’s hideout, Batgirl surprises Catwoman, but is waylaid, when Erin is captured by one of the kittens. Batgirl is tied up and Catwoman gloats over her newly helpless captive… What will become of Batgirl?!

Angela Sommers and Candle, return for the first chapter of “The Perils of Batgirl II”. Catwoman sneaks into the Gotham Academy Museum of Cinema and Motion Pictures, and makes off with the famous “Ruby Stilettos”. Barbara Gordon (Angela Sommers), arrives home from a long uneventful day at the library, strips out of her dress, and climbs on the bed to read the news on her tablet.

She reads about the aforementioned robbery the night before, and then sees a news item relating to Batgirl. It seems that someone has loaded a video clip of Batgirl in peril to the dark web. Barbara opens the link, and is stunned to see that it is a video detailing Catwoman’s latest attempt to eliminate her. Tied on a grill, Catwoman explains that the heat lamps will slowly cook her. The hot lamps will also cause the wet untanned leather strips, that Catwoman has tied Batgirl with, to slowly contract as they dry. Can Batgirl escape, or will she be slowly roasted and strangled?!!

Angela Sommers and Candle, return for the second chapter of “The Perils of Batgirl II”. Barbara Gordon (Angela Sommers) is fascinated by the video of her on the BBQ, and begins to masturbate. She begins to fantasize, and on cue, Catwoman (Candle) enters. As Barbara gets off to the video, Catwoman takes off Barbara’s shoes and begins to lick and suck them. Then she finds a vibrator and rope in Barbara’s side table, ties and brings Barbara to orgasm. Barbara comes out of her dream, to the sound of the Batgirl phone. She answers it, only to find Catwoman on the other end.
It seems Catwoman has snuck into Commissioner Gordon’s office, so she can have a tete-a-tete with Batgirl. She tells Batgirl that she wants her involved and she’s started laying clues for her.
Later, in Catwoman’s lair, she explains to her kittens (Dee Williams and Arielle Lane) about her next theft. This time, it will be the famous “Agony Stilettos”, currently on display at the Gotham Fetish Emporium on 6th Avenue. Meanwhile, Barbara has figured out Catwoman’s clue, and changes into Batgirl.
At the fetish store, Catwoman finds the stilettos in a display case, and meets Erin James (Randy Moore), a sales girl at the store. After being told, the shoes are not for sale, Catwoman has her kittens grab Erin, and tells them to tie her up and throw her in a closet. The kittens drag Erin off. Just as soon as Catwoman has grabbed one of the shoes, Batgirl shows up to spoil the party. Unfortunately, Catwoman has been expecting her, and the kittens trap Batgirl in a net. They then pick her up and carry her off.
Batgirl finds herself tied in Catwoman’s diabolical Cat’s Cradle bondage. A fiendish interconnected tie, that will tighten whenever she moves. Batgirl realizes the situation and stops struggling, so Catwoman turns on the vibrator she has tied between Batgirl’s legs. That will ensure she is unable to keep still… What will become of Batgirl?!

amazing video!Please more catwoman vibrate、tease and humiliate batgirl.
Boot Collector
As a kid, I’d excitedly watch the begining of the TV Batman and Robin from the 60’s, always hoping to see Batgirls motorcycle in the opening credits, signifying that she would be in the episode. Would she be in this one? Will they catch her and put her in a death trap? Is there any chance they take her boots off? She wasn’t in most episodes….. She WAS put in just a few death traps…. She never lost her boots……. Until Jim Weathers gave to me everything I had hoped for in that show. Excellent work…….I waited a lifetime for this.
Jim Weathers
Thank you for your kind words. It really is cool to see that this labor of love is truly appreciated.