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Series / Perils of Ultra Vixen - Bomb Squad
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Studio: Jim Weathers Productions
The crazy adventures of Ultra Vixen and Emily Addison
Scenes From Perils of Ultra Vixen - Bomb Squad
wmbcv-0765 - Perils of Ultra Vixen - Bomb Squad - Pt 1&2
Emily Addison , Randy Moore
69 Photos, 10 min of video
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Emily Addison has been tied up with thin chain and left on the bed with a time bomb - and only a few minutes before it explodes. She struggles to escape, but it is impossible, the chain may seem thin, but it is very strong. With a large red ball gag strapped tightly in place, she can't scream for help. Her only chance is that someone can save her... but whom?
Ultra Vixen (Randy Moore) of course! She arrives in the nick of time to save poor Emily from sure disaster. Ultra Vixen removes Emily's chains and Emily falls into her arms. The emotion gets the most of Emily and she kisses Ultra Vixen and then admits that she has always had feelings for her. Ultra Vixen is surprised by Emily's advances, but she doesn't resist, even when Emily pushes her down and starts really making out with her. Emily then tells Ultra Vixen she has something special for her. She grabs a paralyzing cat scratch needle and drives it into Ultra Vixen's neck. Ultra Vixen is completely unable to react and before she can do anything, is overcome by the needle's devious poison. She collapses on the bed in fits of uncontrollable spasms as Emily laughs explaining that she has fallen into her trap.
What does Emily have in store for UltraVixen? What indeed?!! Find out in clip wmbcv-0830!