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Series / Reconnection 3
Scenes From Reconnection 3
wmbcv-0677 - Reconnection 3 - pt 3
Christina Carter , Randy Moore
167 Photos, 26 min of video
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Continued from wmbcv-0667. After a short respite, Christina and Randy are at it again. This time Christina is wearing a black latex dress with matching corset and sheer black nylons. Randy has gone all out. She started her outfit with a pair of black body stocking, over which she has donned a tight black and purple latex corset, matching black and purple latex gloves and stockings. Christina can’t keep her hands of her. They kiss and caress each other before Christina peels off Randy’s latex stocking and devours her nylon feet. Randy returns the favor and licks down Christina’s legs to her pussy. She remarks that Christina isn’t wearing panties. Christina smiles and pulls out out another surprise for Randy. A pair of black latex panties with an internal dildo molded into to them. We switch to see Randy wearing the panties, with a tight white rope crotchrope making extra sure the dildo is pushed deep inside her. Christina is finishing the lacing of a tight purple single glove around Randy’s arms. Randy complains that the glove is too tight and that the dildo is uncomfortable. Christina pays her no mind, gagging her with a 4 buckle panel ball gag and bringing her to numerous orgasms. Then she straps Randy’s ankles together and leaves her to struggle for the rest of the evening because what are friends for!
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wmbcv-0667 - Reconnection 3 - pt 2
Christina Carter , Randy Moore
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Continued from clip wmbcv-0662, now it's Christina’s turn. Dressed in a pair of glossy thigh high stiletto boots, pantyhose and an inescapable black lurex straitjacket, she struggles until Randy arrives. Randy has switched from her earlier outfit to a sheer Mosh playsuit with sheer black stockings. She ravishes Christina before bringing her to orgasm numerous times with a magic wand. Christina is left breathless and spent waiting from what’s next in the 3rd chapter - clip wmbcv-0677
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wmbcv-0662 - Reconnection 3 - pt 1
Christina Carter , Randy Moore
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Christina Carter and Randy Moore get back together again after their last adventure (Reconnection 2). Christina had already put on her favorite sparkly red catsuit before Randy arrived, Randy is suitably impressed. She was even more impressed when Christina gives her a present to open. Inside is another catsuit, but in blue. Randy finds herself tied up tightly, standing in the blue catsuit Christina gave her while Christina sits on the couch behind her and watches as she struggles in the intricate web of tight black rope. Randy is helpless with her elbows welded together behind her back and every movement causes the crotchrope to nestle its way further into her wet pussy. She’s in heaven. Christina plays with her new toy for awhile, then gags her with a ball gag. She is brought to orgasm with a vibrator and toyed with. After a number of gut wrenching orgasms, Randy is pulled down to the couch with Christina and made to suck Christina’s stocking feet as she masturbates with the vibrator. Randy isn’t complaining one bit at this point. She adores Christina’s nylon feet. After they both let off a little steam the kiss and get ready for the next round of events in clip wmbcv-0667
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