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Series / Reconnection
Scenes From Reconnection
wmbcv-0377 - Reconnection - Ch 6
Christina Carter , Randy Moore
109 Photos, 8 min of video
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(cont'd from video wmbcv-0369) **Remastered Photos and Video 2021** Randy Moore had been taken by Lady Felina and tied up with her fiendish Shriv-Tex fibers, which slowly contract when exposed to the heat of the body. Christina Carter (guised as O-girl) arrives to save her in the nick of time, only to find out that Randy's predicament was staged to lure O-girl into a trap. Randy strips out of her dress to reveal that she is actually an evil cohort of Lady Felina's. Before O-girl can react, Randy lifts a blowgun to her lips and shoots O-girl with a paralyzing dart. O-girl awakes to find herself tied in a bizarre web of white rope. Randy explains that she is tied in a cynastic bondage web, diabolical bondage that slowly tightens whenever O-girl struggles. Can O-girl escape? Photo Set: wmbc20090929

wmbcv-0369 - Reconnection: Ch 5
Christina Carter , Randy Moore
91 Photos, 9 min of video
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(cont'd from wmbcv-0359) **Remastered Photos and Video 2021** Christina Carter puts Randy Moore to bed, strapping her up in belts and locks, then wishing her pleasant dreams as she drifts off to slẹep next to Randy's struggling form. Christina awakens to find Randy gone - and then things turn really weird. The O-phone rings and Christina answers it to hear Lady Felina at the other end. Christina opens her computer to see a live feed of Randy tied in Lady Felina's evil Shriv-Tex fibers that will slowly tighten until they kill poor Randy. Can Christina change into O-girl and save her in time? Continued in wmbcv-0377. Photo Set: wmbc20090804

wmbcv-0359 - Reconnection: Ch 4
Christina Carter , Randy Moore
43 Photos, 9 min of video
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**Remastered Photos and Video 2021** After introducing Randy Moore to the world of bondage (videos wmbcv-0345, wmbcv-0348, and wmbcv-0354, Christina Carter lets Randy take control. Their game takes a step further into the realm of fantasy as Christina fulfills Randy's wish and puts on her O-girl costume. Randy decides she is going to push it a bit further and takes on the role of Lady Felina Minx (O-girl's arch nemesis). Randy then ties O-girl in a special bondage tie that is designed to get tighter the more she struggles and to make sure that O-girl keeps moving she pulls out a vibrator and makes O-girl come over and over again. A super sexy role play video that is sure to please O-girl and non O-girl fans alike. Continues in clip wmbcv-0369 Photo Set: wmbc20090630

wmbcv-0354 - Reconnection: Ch 3
Christina Carter , Randy Moore
57 Photos, 18 min of video
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(cont'd from wmbcv-0348) **Remastered Photos and Video 2021** Randy Moore sits patiently on the couch. Dressed in just a pair of tan pantyhose, she isn’t going anywhere. Tight black straps and a strap harness makes sure she can’t get away. A tight blindfold has been applied so she can’t see anything. Christina Carter arrives and begins to play with her, worshipping her legs and feet and slowly caressing her body. She feeds her strawberries dipped in chocolate and whipped cream - teasing her with the morsels and licking the chocolate off her nipples, she teases Randy with a strawberry, but shoves a big panel covered ball gag into her mouth insstead. Unable to see or speak, Randy is helpless as Christina teases her and brings her to orgasm with both a bullet and magicwand vibrator. Truly sexy, sensual girl / girl bondage at its best. Continues in wmabcv-0359. Photo Set: wmbc20090603-1

wmbcv-0348 - Reconnection: Ch 2
Christina Carter , Randy Moore
93 Photos, 11 min of video
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(cont'd from wmbcv-0345) **Remastered Photos and Video 2021** Christina Carter continues introducing Randy Moore to the joys and challenges of tight ropes and gags, Christina, dressed in a black latex top, mini skirt, black pantyhose and lace-up, 6”  stiletto heeled shoes has Randy just where she wants her. Dressed in a Girdle top and bottom, very sexy black fully fashioned stockings and opera-length leather gloves, Randy looks good enough to eat. Christina newest bondage lesson is a very tight one. She has tied Randy in a sitting lotus position with her elbows tightly tied together. Randy complains that it is too tight, but Christina just tells Randy to struggle and look at herself in the mirror. Then she tells Randy to remove her shoes with her teeth. Randy obeys and unlaces and then pulls first one shoe and then the one from Christina’s feet. Christina then has her worship her stocking feet. Satisfied that Randy is learning, she turns up the heat by gagging her and tying her neck down to her ankles before leaving her to struggle. A very sexy girl / girl clip that is sure to please. Continued in wmbcv-0354. Photo Set: wmbc20090501

wmbcv-0345 - Reconnection: Ch 1
Christina Carter , Randy Moore
109 Photos, 16 min of video
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**Remastered Photos and Video 2021** Christina Carter introduces Randy Moore to the very kinky world of bondage in the first episode of the "Reconnection" story. Christina has Randy put on a sexy latex outfit and pantyhose and then cuffs her hands together before she knows what's happening. She straps her elbows together then pushes her on to the bed to struggle. These gals have a great chemistry and it shows... yummy girl / girl bondage. Continues in wmbcv-0348 Photo Sets: wmbc20090403-1 and wmbc20090403-2